I help SaaS businesses finetune their products

Work with me to ensure that your product hits the right notes. To find more about any of the services I offer, and whether I am a good fit for your business,
request a free 30 minute introduction call.

Ongoing PM consultation

From €1000 per month

I work with you to continuously advise you on optimising your SaaS product. My services are typically provided 2 to 8 hours per month, and are designed to help you address ongoing challenges, do market research, and provide feedback on your products.  

Single feedback session

€200 per hour

I work with you to assess your Customer Support based product. Great for established products and start-ups alike!

We will brainstorm about potential pitfalls and opportunities. 

30 minutes to smarter products

An outside perspective on your SaaS product is important to remain at the top of your industry.

If you want to discover what Product Management consultation can do for your business, book your free 30-minute consultation call.

You’ll benefit if any of these describe your product or you:

  • Development of new features has become stagnant
  • Feature development has been based on ‘feels’
  • Your product brand new and needs feedback from an industry expert.
  • You are stuck in your own ‘bubble’ and need a fresh perspective

During the call, I will learn more about you, your business, your customers, and your business goals. 

Ready to think outside of the box with me? Book your call now!