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Ready to super-charge your Customer Support team?

I help support teams create a more consistent experience for customers, beyond just looking at CSAT.

If you’ve ever wondered how to quantify your team’s quality, I’m your gal. I won’t just look at your CSAT scores – my services include data driven experiments and deep analysis of what makes your team tick. You’ll end up with a scorecard that works, areas of training needs identified, and a roadmap for growing your team’s consistency.

Scorecard revision

Through deep analysis of your team's current work, I will determine what rubrik to use to quantify quality in your business.

Who it’s for:
Customer Support managers looking to improve on their current scorecard, OR have a solid rubrik created from scratch. 

What’s included:
There is no copy-paste work involved here; I create scorecards based on your business’ style guide and customer feedback, meaning it will cover the line between your wants and your customers’ needs. 

Hands-on Training

After identifying what your individual contributors need to work on, I'll provide training resources to level up their skills.

Who it’s for:
Individual contributors looking to level up their communication skills. There are a number of online courses available, accessible to both teams and individuals looking to improve competences in areas such as crisis communication, empathy, and analytical reading.  

What’s included:
Online training in the form of webinars, written courses, team and one on one training sessions are among the possibilities. 

There are pre-made courses available. If you’d rather have a more specific experience, I’d love to create internal resources that can be re-used whenever you wish. 

Platform Training

Through my personal experience with different QA platforms, I can help you select and launch the right choice for you.

Who it’s for:
Businesses looking to start with a Quality Assessment platform, either from the ground up or as a reassessment of their current needs.   

What’s included:
I can advise on different platforms, facilitate demo calls, and offer QA programme launch assistance from the very beginning. I will train your team leads and ICs  on how to properly use the platform, and help make sure you make the best use of the software you’ve picked. 

Read more kind words from clients

  • In the several years, I’ve worked with Ines, she’s consistently focused on high-quality support by both making sure her own answers were great, and also helping her peers out. In all of this, it’s clear that she did so because of her deep care for our customers.

    Job Thomas – WooCommerce/Automattic

  • Empathetic, outspoken, solution-oriented, and a gifted translator between the tech world and humans – that’s Ines in a nutshell. She not only understands both worlds, she is able to engage people across the divide, something I look for in a leader in the CS field. Her experience in quality initiatives that go far deeper than simply elevating CSAT set her further apart – so if you need someone to level up your support team, you should talk to her.

    Valentina Thörner – The Remote Empire

  • All the interactions I’ve had with Ines have been absolutely amazing. She is intelligent, diligent, and extremely bright. Any company that decides to hire her is not only adding an asset to their team but adding one of the most amazing individuals I’ve had the pleasure to encounter. HIRE HER NOW!

    Christopher Churchill –

Join the Quality Assessment Course, starting January 24th 2023. Especially made for QA specialists in the Customer Support industry.