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Quality Assessment Course

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Finally, a course specifically designed for Quality Assessment (QA) specialists within the Customer Support industry!

As a QA specialist, you play a crucial role in ensuring that your team is providing top-notch support to customers. This can be a challenging task, especially when there are not many resources you can learn from when starting out in this profession.Β Β 

Some of these might sound familiar:

😱 You struggle getting your team on-board for feedback sessions.

😱 You use QA for performance assessment, but feel there is more to gain.

😱 You’re not sure what ‘quality’ actually means for your company.

😱 You have a QA tool but get stuck on how to use it best.

😱You get stuck with questions like β€˜how many reviews do I need to do?’ and β€˜how do I make sure the reviews I give are fair?’

😱 You do an ungodly amount of reviews, only for them to not be read by your team.

This course is your one-stop-shop to resolve all of these uncertainties – and more!

Get ready to STOP reinventing the wheel.
Start doing QA in a way that actually makes a difference.

Your instructor

Ines van Dijk

I’ve worked as a front-line support agent for over a decade, and have always excelled at translating technical things into language that customers and users understand well. From turning a β€˜no’ into a selling point, to converting complicated problems into motivation to stick around: my work has always been of stellar quality.

I’m happy to transfer that knowledge to you!

You're the QA Specialist for your team and would love to learn:

πŸ“– QA baselines and industry standards
πŸ“– Feedback skills to bring the message home
πŸ“– Where to find resources and community

You’d like to have a framework that takes the guessing out of the game. Something you and your team can build on.

Ready to join? Take the shortcut:

Course Structure – What To Expect

The QA Course covers:

βœ… Four 90-minute Zoom calls with your fellow students
βœ… One 60-minute 1:1 with your instructor
βœ… Guidelines and resources via email
βœ… Certificate upon completion

When does it happen?

This course is provided on a rolling basis, meaning you can jump in every month. Zoom sessions are typically held on Tuesdays, but may be subject to change based on student needs.

First course date: January 24, 2023

EMEA: every Tuesday from 11:30 till 13:00 UTC+1.
NA: every Tuesday from 14:00 til 15:30 EST.

Module Overview

Week 1
Intro into QA

Before you can start gathering data and implementing changes, you need to have a good understanding of the industry standards.

In this first module, we will discuss:

  • The ‘why’ of QA
  • Strategic goal setting
  • Defining ‘quality’ for your specific team
  • Building a scorecard

Week 2

Every QA Specialist needs to have a baseline of basic tools and skills at their disposal.

In this module, we will discuss which ones those are and how to cultivate them. We’ll talk about:

  • Bias
  • Β Sampling; size and selection criteria
  • Quantifying qualitative factors

Week 3
Your Team

Getting both your ICs and your management team on board with QA can be tough.

During this module, we will discuss tools and tactics to use to get your entire team on board:

  • Feedback skills
  • KPI selection and presentation
  • Tracking QA Specialist performance

Week 4:

Still using spreadsheets to collect all your data? We’ll talk about why you shouldn’t during this final module.

Finding resources in the QA space can be tricky, so we’ll talk about:

  • Where to find community
  • Books and blogs
  • Tools; existing and upcoming

Registration is

This course takes

Maximum of

4-week course to level up your QA skill set,
including an exclusive 60-minute call with a world-renowned expert.

– EUR 1299

βœ… Four 90-minute educational calls that teach you the industry standards for Quality Assessment. Nothing is per-recorded!

βœ… Guidance from experienced leader and educator in the QA industry.

βœ… Access to community.

βœ… Specifically crafted for Customer Support industry.

βœ… Quality Assessment Roadmap template for you to customise.

βœ… Certificate upon completion of the course.

level up your QA management skills!
Join this first-of-its-kind

Quality Assessment Course