WordPress Support Predefs

19,99 inc. VAT

Have you created a WordPress plugin or theme, and do you now have users coming in with support questions? With these pre-defined replies, you can reply to your users quickly and efficiently. Created by a Customer Support expert, especially crafted for WordPress developers.

  • 18 high-quality predefined replies
  • WordPress development specific
  • TextExpander compatible
  • Fully customisable to fit your business!
  • Links to useful tools included in snippets


Predefined replies are a great timesaver for anyone working in Customer Support. And especially when your main job is to develop your WordPress plugin or theme, the less time you have to think about what to write to your users, the better.

With over a decade worth of experience in WordPress specific CS, Ines van Dijk has crafted these communication snippets to answer the most common questions and incidents.

How to use the replies

The best way to use these replies are by using Text Expander: it gives your customer support team the power to do what they do best — faster. Try it for free!

The ZIP file you receive with this product contains a number of files. A plain text PDF, with all the replies ready for you to copy and paste. A CSV file that can be used to import everything into Text Expander. And last but not least, a PDF document containing instructions and tips.

I highly recommend adjusting the replies before you start using them – there are indicators throughout all of them to add your own business name, for example.

Snippets included

  • Pirated version: explaining to your customers why purchasing a third-party copy of your product is a bad idea.
  • Conflict test: instructing users how to do a basic conflict test, including links and tools to use.
  • System status: instructions on how users can provide you with a system status.
  • Custom request: a rejection message for customers asking for customisations.
  • Aware of issue: user reports a bug, and you’re already aware.
  • Please read documentation: for when a question can be answered with a link to your documentation.
  • Difference WP.org/WP.com: for when a user is unsure what kind of site they’re running.
  • Free support: for when a user asks for premium support, but they don’t have a license.
  • Staging: an explanation of what a staging site is, and how to set one up.
  • Investigate: for when you are still investigating a problem and the user asks for an update.
  • Refund: to respond to a refund request.
  • Code snippet: setting expectations when providing a customised code snippet.
  • Verify license: asking a customer to verify their premium license.
  • Compatibility: for when users asks if your product is compatible with another.
  • Update request: asking user to update to the latest version of your product.
  • Screenshot: explanation of why a screenshot is needed and how to make one.
  • Not ours: for when the problem is not caused by your product.
  • Letting it expire?: for when a customer asks what will happen when the license expires.

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