Who are the moderators on WordPress.org?

The moderating team at WordPress.org consists of volunteers. They choose to spend their time keeping the WordPress.org forums safe and usable for everyone.

These people are dedicated people who do not get paid to do their work, but it is invaluable and deserves a lot of respect. You do not need to deal with most spam and offensive content because they do that on your behalf.

The current team of volunteers can be reached in the #forums channel in the Make WordPress Slack instance, but keep in mind: that channel is not meant for getting support. It’s for the team members to interact with each other.

What do moderators do?

The main job of WordPress.org moderators is to keep an eye on abusive use of the support forums. These are the general forums (where users can find help with getting started and technical issues) and the plugin/theme specific forums – like the one you get assigned when adding your product to the platform.

They appear in the moderator review queue when you report a support topic. They then manually assess what needs to happen to the thread and potentially remove conversations or users that break the rules.

You can find the guidelines on using the forums here: https://wordpress.org/support/guidelines/.

How to get help

There are several ways you can get help from the moderation team. Please avoid going to the #forums channel on Slack, but instead use the methods below:

Adding the modlook tag

The easiest way to call a moderator to a specific thread is to add a tag. When you are logged in to your WordPress.org account, you can add such a tag when leaving a reply:

You will need to also leave a message, or the tag will not save – use the text field to leave a descriptive message for the moderating team on why this topic needs reviewing. Tag the thread with modlook, and the conversation will be reviewed as quickly as possible.

Reporting the topic

When you are the owner of the product page, you can report a topic for review. You’ll find the reporting dropdown menu on the right-hand side of a specific topic:

Keep in mind

The moderator team is your friend. Treat them kindly, and remember that they do not get paid to help you out. They are an asset to your business!

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