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I'm Ines, your Interaction Quality Specialist

I’ve worked as a front-line support agent for over a decade, and have always excelled at translating technical things into language that customers and users understand well. From turning a ‘no’ into a selling point, to converting complicated problems into motivation to stick around: my work has always been of stellar quality.

I’m now happy to transfer that knowledge to you and your team!

Are you looking at your CSAT scores and wondering what can be done to improve them?
I’ve got you covered.

How we can work together

Feedback Training

I’ll teach your leads and ICs how to provide feedback that does the trick.

Scorecard Setup

I’ll help you create a scorecard that actually works for your team.

Platform Training

I’ll help you pick the right platform and train your people on how to use it.

Calibration Exercises

I’ll get everyone on the same page so user experience becomes more consistent.

Communication Courses

I’ll educate your ICs on subjects like crisis communication and empathy.

Internal Training Material

I’ll create internal training material that helps current and future employees, specific to your company.

Read more kind words from people who know me

  • In the several years, I’ve worked with Ines, she’s consistently focused on high-quality support by both making sure her own answers were great, and also helping her peers out. In all of this, it’s clear that she did so because of her deep care for our customers.

    Job Thomas – WooCommerce/Automattic

  • Empathetic, outspoken, solution-oriented, and a gifted translator between the tech world and humans – that’s Ines in a nutshell. She not only understands both worlds, she is able to engage people across the divide, something I look for in a leader in the CS field. Her experience in quality initiatives that go far deeper than simply elevating CSAT set her further apart – so if you need someone to level up your support team, you should talk to her.

    Valentina Thörner – The Remote Empire

  • All the interactions I’ve had with Ines have been absolutely amazing. She is intelligent, diligent, and extremely bright. Any company that decides to hire her is not only adding an asset to their team but adding one of the most amazing individuals I’ve had the pleasure to encounter. HIRE HER NOW!

    Christopher Churchill – Codeable.io

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